SCIFI’s Fiction Archive is going offline! WGET your copy today!

To be honest, I did not do any research to figure out why the archive is going offline in 2 days. I took a quick look, decided there was tons of great content, and…

wget -m -np -p --include-directories=/scifiction/classics/,/scifiction/originals/

Which gave me about 13 Megabytes of files.. and since I know I don’t have time to read them now:

tar jcv -f scifi.com_archive

And tossed the resulting 5.5 Mb file into *my* archive folder.

Thanks to Boing Boing for pointing it out!

Parenting 101

Some of the things that made our lives easier after having our first, and second child;

A Sling to carry her in, which keeps her cuddled up against mom or dad and leaves us with our hands free.

What to expect the first year something to read when baby is keeping you awake at odd hours of the night.

Night time feedings go a lot easier if you change the diaper *before* feeding the baby. We learned that the hard way!

Sleep when the baby sleeps. Nobody cares if you vacuumed, but they will notice that you look like a zombie.

When you read to your children, tell them the Title, Author and Illustrator of the book… it didn’t take long before he figured out he liked Jan Brett’s books!

Get a library card, and use the online system to reserve and remind you to return books. We take out several books every week, and have found some were so good that they were worth buying from our local independent bookstore!

“Quicksilver: 5 things that make it awesome!” from Oak Innovations

I spotted these over at Oak Innovations blog.

My favorites of the 5? Running an action with a timed delay, or at a specific time. The second was learning how to chain commands together.

Here’s the list:

  • Do something in the future
  • Quick Triggers
  • Chain commands together
  • Run terminal commands
  • Master working with text files
  • If you are a Quicksilver user, fanatic, or just curious.. it’s worth a read!

    Merging Keychains?

    Does anyone know how to merge multiple Keychains in Mac OS X?

    I know I can copy items from one keychain to another, but that involves authenticating twice.

    I tried going in and adding those other keychains to be part of my list, but they don’t stay. Frustrating.

    Why am I doing this? I replaced my computer, and was not able to transfer my account at setup time, so I ended up with some old keychains that got copied over.

    Suggestions, comments, rants?

    All are welcome!


    Pelican Case Guarantee: unconditional? Not!

    A photographer friend of mine, in the midst of the “controlled chaos” of his daughter’s 3rd birthday party, somehow got on to the topic of Pelican cases. He has been using them, and abusing them, for many years, and will do so for many more. But, he warned us that even though they are guaranteed against almost anything they are not covered against damage from toddlers! Being curious I decided to check.. and lo and behold, kids under five are put into the same catergory as Bear attacks and Shark bites, which their guarantee also does not cover.

    Pelicanâ„¢ Products Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence

    Let’s put it into perspective though! Go and read a few of the Survival Stories and then wonder just how destructive a toddler can be.

    Advanced Google Tips

    Well, I certainly learned a few more Google tricks!

    CyberWyre >> Advanced Google Tips

    For future reference:

    • Use quotation marks
    • mark esstial words with a +
    • omit unwanted words with a –

    Use these with a url;

    • – search only on this site
    • – find related sites
    • – who links to this site?
    • – show the cached version, highlight search words.


    • filetype:PDF – search for results only in PDF files
    • daterange: use a julian date. – what’s a Julian date range?
    • allinurl: and inurl: – search only or partly in a url
    • allintitle: and intitle: – search only or partly in page titles
    • allinlinks: – search only in page links
    • allintext: – search only in page text

    Thanks Matt!