About Dave

Yes.. Dave runs this thing.

Dave keeps busy by doing Consulting, Training and Support for Mac / iOS users and their devices. He has been known to fix the occasional Windows PC as well.

Thanks Stany.. I guess I should speak up for myself as well!

About Me

I have been resurrecting Macs for a very long time now, as I distinctly remember taking apart Macintosh Pluses and snipping a resistor on the motherboard so we could max out the RAM to 4 Megabytes.


At some point I realized that computers were not 42 and I once again found time to procrastinate and read more Science Fiction, contemplate Alternative Energy and go canoe camping!

Why Here?

As Stany says, “I want to be able to go and see what I did a year or two ago, and how to reproduce the results, so I am not starting from zero next time”. Same here! I have found on several occasions that Google has led me right back to my own blog when I was looking for a solution that I knew I had seen online somewhere!

This site is also a place to share that information with others, whom I hope find it useful as well.

Why Stany?

Other than having style of writing all his own, he has the ability to write clearly. Combine that with a unique perspective and sense of humor similar to mine… I figured we could have fun doing a shared weblog!

So far Stany has tolerated me, although he may change his mind once he finds I updated this page.

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