“Quicksilver: 5 things that make it awesome!” from Oak Innovations

I spotted these over at Oak Innovations blog.

My favorites of the 5? Running an action with a timed delay, or at a specific time. The second was learning how to chain commands together.

Here’s the list:

  • Do something in the future
  • Quick Triggers
  • Chain commands together
  • Run terminal commands
  • Master working with text files
  • If you are a Quicksilver user, fanatic, or just curious.. it’s worth a read!

    One thought to ““Quicksilver: 5 things that make it awesome!” from Oak Innovations”

    1. One of these days.

      I guess my mind is just not wired for Quicksilver – every time I try to use it (I installed it twice, once back in 10.3 days, and once about 6 month ago), I get frustrated with the amount of down arrow pressing, and realize that things are alot faster for me at the command line.

      So one of these days I’ll figure out how to integrate it into my workflow.

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