Parenting 101

Some of the things that made our lives easier after having our first, and second child;

A Sling to carry her in, which keeps her cuddled up against mom or dad and leaves us with our hands free.

What to expect the first year something to read when baby is keeping you awake at odd hours of the night.

Night time feedings go a lot easier if you change the diaper *before* feeding the baby. We learned that the hard way!

Sleep when the baby sleeps. Nobody cares if you vacuumed, but they will notice that you look like a zombie.

When you read to your children, tell them the Title, Author and Illustrator of the book… it didn’t take long before he figured out he liked Jan Brett’s books!

Get a library card, and use the online system to reserve and remind you to return books. We take out several books every week, and have found some were so good that they were worth buying from our local independent bookstore!