Advanced Google Tips

Well, I certainly learned a few more Google tricks!

CyberWyre >> Advanced Google Tips

For future reference:

  • Use quotation marks
  • mark esstial words with a +
  • omit unwanted words with a –

Use these with a url;

  • – search only on this site
  • – find related sites
  • – who links to this site?
  • – show the cached version, highlight search words.


  • filetype:PDF – search for results only in PDF files
  • daterange: use a julian date. – what’s a Julian date range?
  • allinurl: and inurl: – search only or partly in a url
  • allintitle: and intitle: – search only or partly in page titles
  • allinlinks: – search only in page links
  • allintext: – search only in page text

Thanks Matt!