“Stany is adorkable and I love her”

So on a whim I did a technorati search on myself. this came up (and I were persistent, and searched for “stany” on that page).

While I resemble the fact that I am adorkable (except when low on sugar or coffeine), I do not resemble the fact that I am a her.

Googled for “stany”. Found one of my creations from way back when I actually hacked away on a Netwinder, on the first page.


I guess wrt54gs is the Netwinder of the new millenium. Only it’s cheaper. And better supported. And has better network connectivity, but no hard drive (unless you bring out USB port, and use a USB key, or bring out GPIO channel, and use an MMC card reader).

I should e-mail ralphs, find out how he’s been. Does ralphs@n.o e-mail addy still work?