Spamcop lists gmail SMTP servers as spam servers

A while ago I ranted about automated spam filtering.

Here is yet another example of utter idiocy of some people.

Spamcop report for, aka currently states: listed in (

If there are no reports of ongoing objectionable email from this system it will be delisted automatically in approximately 2 hours.

Same thing for,,,,,, (all resolve to, and all are addresses in used to send email as listed by Ironport). I am sure rest of gmail is also reported as source of spam by SpamCop, I just can’t be arsed to keep on checking.

*sigh* Anyone needs any more convinient arguments for not using SpamCop? I am really really tempted to write a log parser that would automatically submit IP addresses of folks who use SpamCop back to SpamCop.

Oh, and at this point, when I talk about “utter idiocy of some people”, I am not even sure who I am refering to – SpamCop folks for listening to anyone reporting gmail (or hotmail, or yahoo mail, or any other “free” mail server) as source of spam instead of just whitelisting them, idiots who get a spam through a free gmail account, and report it to SpamCop as spam, or idiots who configure spamcop checks as default reject reason in their MTA.