Estonian Punk-Rock

One of the more musically advanced comrades introduced me to Estonian punk-rock today. Well, what passes for punk-rock in Estonia.

Vennaskond. People who are interested in what “anarchist resistance” sounds like in Estonian should click on “SISENE” on the index page to actually load the site, and then on “MP3” to get to the list of mp3s.

I wonder if it would sound any better sped up 200%.

Off to chase these with Ramones’ “I don’t want to grow up

Once I’ve expressed my surprise at lack of drive in this particular sample of Estonian punk-rock, I were pointed at J.M.K.E.’s album “Sputniks PECTOPAH”, issued in 1995.

So, without any further ado, J.M.K.E. “Sputniks in PECTOPAH”.

Song links should work, they did for me.

Update: J.M.K.E. site. Sputniks in PECTOPAH.