SCSI to ATAPI bridge board

I realize that SCSI is pretty much dead. It makes me cry, as a whole number of my shiny Sun systems, like dara, an Enterprise 4000 server, all take SCSI.

If, for some reason one still wants to hook up an IDE/ATAPI DVD burner or somesuch to a SCSI bus, comrades from the field are recommending Acard Technology AEC-7720U SCSI to IDE bridgeboard.

link, which might die whenever Acard folks decide to change format of their site).

At 69 USD per board, somewhat costly.

As I’ve mentioned before, I also own a Promise UltraTrak TX8, which is an IDE RAID tower with SCSI interface to the host system.

So I wonder if there is a dongle or somesuch that can convert SCSI to firewire, so I could start using my 800 gig storage array with an iBook 🙂

Any suggestions?

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