Looking for a book of poetry….

Looking for a book of poetry (I can imagine surprized groans now. Poetry? What poetry? stany can read?)
Specifically this one

Mikhail Lermontov: Major Poetical Works by Anatoly Liberman (Editor)

It is an out of print book of poetry translations of Michail Lermontov :

I write to you and truly wonder:
What in the world has made me write?
For you, I’ve gone away and under
And must have forfeited this right.
You know that, though we are asunder,
Your image was too much to lose.
Of course you do! — Such boring news…

Between attacks and other dangers
We live in God-forsaken holes.
But do you care? Our souls are strangers:
Indeed, the normal case for souls.
(my source only quotes the beginning of this piece. Sorry)

So, here is a funny thing. If I search for this book on Amazon US site, I get two listings for a used book, one for 30$, one for 135$. If I look for it on Amazon Canada site, I get one used book for 284.55 CAD.

Global economy. Go figure.

Oh, and author of the book, Anatoly Liberman, contributes to an Oxford University Press Blog.

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  1. Hrm. Not a bad idea. Will see if I can find his address, and get in touch.
    Thank you, Dave.

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