Little Annoyances:

1) Next unread message.

I prefer to use a plain list view for a mailbox, and have to open a message to view it.

Remember Eudora? I used to use Eudora, and sometimes think I still should. It has this nice feature where you hit the spacebar, causing the current message to page down web-page style. When you reach the end hit that spacebar again and you jump to the next unread message in that mailbox. Nice, eh?

That does not work in Mail.

So, how about a key command to do that? Nope, not available either.

2) Invalid Email addresses.

What is so hard about telling me you can not send the email because I was too stupid to enter in a proper email address? Mail will happily harass you about opening too many windows at once.. so why not invalid email addresses?

Yeah, I caught myself BCC’ing several people, and some of them were not actual email addresses, just the domain name. Took me way too long to figure out too!

5 thoughts to “Little Annoyances:”

  1. Um. Dave: the current version of Mail does allow us to space through messages exactly in the way you describe. Pressing space pages down if possible in the currently displayed message and jumps to the next message when it can no longer. What version are you using?

  2. I have Mail version Version 2.0.5 (746/746.2). Is there a newer version if I upgrade to 10.4.4?

    It’s important to note that I am not using the preview pane at the bottom of the window, I closed it completely. I can only read mail by double-clicking a message.

    If Apple fixed it in 10.4.4 I’ll be upgrading right away!!!



  3. Actually, just the domain name ( for example) could be a valid username and in some smtp systems, just the username is allowable as the current domain will be assumed. Therefore looking for an at sign doesn’t always make sense.

  4. Derik: in the case you mention my smtp server should accept such an email.. and I would find out I had made a mistake when I get an undeliverable notice later.

    In this case the message never went out! Much more frustrating 😉

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