2600 meeting in Ottawa

I’ve not been to 2600 meetings for years. I am not even sure if there still is one in town – I kind of stopped paying attention since Bishop stopped running them, and since San “NeTTWerK” Mehat stopped coming. Meant to go to one on December 2nd, first friday of the month, but instead went to Aikido class. Oh well, shit happens.

Last time I went to a meeting was a few years ago, and when I got out my SPARCbook 3000XT, a bunch of starry-eyed attendeed hobbled behind my back and started making commens to each-other: “Oooh. Slowaris, slowaris”, “insecure”, “easy to root”.

Meh. Whatever. I were bitter then. Right now I have nothing to prove.

Come to think about it, this was before I helped Chris “President Clinton” Petro (wankel) with AV at H2K2 (80% of the video of the second track was filmed by me. Chris did the first track).

So I stopped going, however something someone said kind of piqued my curiosity (or maybe I just were sufficiently bored).

Is there still a 2600 scene in Ottawa, and is it worth going, or are people still talking about stealing Salvation Army donation boxes?

P.S. Not like the official list is always correct. That’s why I am asking.

P.P.S. Just googled for “Chris Petro wankel”. Discovered that someone actually has a photo of me at H2K2 on line, attributed as Stanny. Actually, Figz still has #unix gallery online. Now, that is scary.