RadTech Products • I-Sight • Ear-Mounted LED Light

Fully buzzword compliant gadget!

“Ear-Mounted, super-bright LED personal illuminator. Up to one mile visibility – weighs just 18 grams! … Overdriven, super-bright Nichea LED module features a parabolic reflector and precision focusing lens … reversible and adjustible ear loop allows use with or without glasses on left or right ears … useable runtime of over 36 hours … no distracting side flare. Easily lights anything and everything you look at … Works under water includes batteries!”

Now I know what i’ll get blinded by the next time I go camping.. it’s not just those head mounted lamps anymore! *sigh*

I want a red one!

Product Shot of Radtech's I-Sight

RadTech Products – I-Sight – Ear-Mounted LED Light