Merck Manual, Second Home Edition

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Merck Manual, Second Home Edition
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Long the standard reference for working doctors and nurses, thumbworn copies of the Merck Manual could be found in most clinical offices. It had the kind of detailed and reliable summaries of an ailment that an intelligent person might want to know about, but its jargon and medical logic were difficult to decipher. Five years ago Merck translated this legendary book into plain English and issued a home paperback version. It was so far superior to any other form of home medical information (except the original Merck Manual itself) that it quickly became THE medical reference for our family. Last year Merck issued a second edition that updated, expanded, and improved this already great material. This Second Home Edition now approaches the professional Merck Manual in depth and completeness, except it retains its plain layperson’s approach. Most home medical information sucks; collectively the web is better, but by far the best single source for dependable quick medical guidance is this handy book.

Merck Publishing (a non-profit organization) generously makes this book and the Merck Manual available in . This version is very easy to search, and it is free.

— KK