Posting Pictures…

Well I have now successfully used iPhoto2Weblog to post pictures. Well, to be honest, what I am really posting is giant thumbnails, since it does not want to post the actual picture. Whatever! It works for now…

Hmm. I also notice that it was posting them as being 3 hours into the future. Sigh, more bugs!

Why don’t they hit reply?

I was looking through my sent mail yesterday, wondering if I had really sent an email to someone.. as I had yet to see a response. It turns out I had sent it several weeks ago. So, what happened at their end? Did my email get ignored? Vanish? Filtered out as spam?

Now I am left wondering how I would go about tracking my own emails to see if the person at the other end is even getting them.

Comments? Suggestions?

Howto: Mirroring a site that uses cookies which expire at the end of a session

• Open your browser to the apropriate page and login
• Sniff session while loading random pages from the site in the browser
• Leave broswer open to the site
• Stop sniffing the data, and analyze the dump from the site, find and copy the Cookie string
• With wget you add –header “Cookie: cookiename=data; secondcookiename=data” http://username:password@site to the options.
• make sure that you start mirroring from inside the site, ie: beyond the login page.

In my case the final wget string looked like this:

wget –mirror –convert-links –page-requisites –html-extension –cookies=off –header “Cookie:ABC%2ESession=YcnpPdnqLFCfYA6p%2DITgU84eRUVSrKV30; ASPSESSIONIDCCSTCRTT=GCCLDPDDKDIACCHE” http://username:password@site

Note that most of the cookie data has been deleted to keep this example brief.

Linux Tips — Firefox 0.9 remote newtab syntax

When I open a link from another application (gnome-terminal or evolution, for example), I would like it to open in a new tab in Firefox, so I had a script which I called newmoz:
firefox -remote %u201CopenURL($1,new-tab)%u201D
This is my default web browser. With Firefox 0.9, the syntax has changed. You now need:
firefox -a firefox -remote %u201Copenurl($1,new-tab)%u201D
I believe this has something to do with the confusion of the possibility of several related Mozilla applications running all at once, although I%u2019m not entirely convinced. To make it really snazzy, try:
firefox -a firefox -remote %u201Copenurl($1,new-tab)%u201D || firefox $1
This way, if firefox isn%u2019t already running, it will still work.

Adam Rosi-Kessel’s Fair and Balanced Weblog

Testing Macjournal

A couple of quick things today;
– found a nice post on on using jhead and Applescript to prep images for the web
– my keyboard is still mad at me and is randomly misspelling things for me
– looks like the patch for WordPress’s xmlrpc.php file, from RedPill works… now to figure out how to get iPhoto to talk to it!
– need to dig out real urls for this post!

Fear of RSS

In the comments to this articela reader mentions that if he finds a site’s content interesting, yet it has no newsfeed, he will not return. Sounds familiar! I also find that if a site has no news feed I am very unlikely to return to it.

We can discuss ‘full content’ feeds another day.

Oh, yeah: The original reason for posting this was to go and talk to my local library. I want feeds from them!!

Fear of RSS Business Logs
“However, whether or not to use RSS on your site should no longer be an option. I believe it has become a necessity if you wish to compete with others in your industry.”