Linux Tips — Firefox 0.9 remote newtab syntax

When I open a link from another application (gnome-terminal or evolution, for example), I would like it to open in a new tab in Firefox, so I had a script which I called newmoz:
firefox -remote %u201CopenURL($1,new-tab)%u201D
This is my default web browser. With Firefox 0.9, the syntax has changed. You now need:
firefox -a firefox -remote %u201Copenurl($1,new-tab)%u201D
I believe this has something to do with the confusion of the possibility of several related Mozilla applications running all at once, although I%u2019m not entirely convinced. To make it really snazzy, try:
firefox -a firefox -remote %u201Copenurl($1,new-tab)%u201D || firefox $1
This way, if firefox isn%u2019t already running, it will still work.

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