Hammocks Galore!

I was looking at hammocks online today… seeing as it has been a regular topic during camping discussions.

Since our Brazilian Hammock disappeared during one of our many moves I figured I’d go see if I could find one online. hammocks.com page with Brazilian models. The one we had was a Large one with a fringe. No spreader bars, thanks! I prefer being able to hide out in the hammock. ” Made from 100% soft, stretchy cotton fabric, this traditional Brazilian hammock is cozy enough for one and spacious enough for the family.” Rated to 450 lbs as well.

Of course finding that just got me jonesing for a *real* hammock, something useable for camping. My friend Adam has a Hennessey Hammock and loves it, so I went there first. Huh. They have a new model, the Hennessey Supershelter. It’s a 4 season hammock system! Sold out and back ordered already.. and I haven’t even gotten past the intro.

For links to many hammocks and experiences with them head over to Sgt. Rock’s Hiking HQ.

I also like the IMPS-NETâ„¢ COMBAT & SURVIVAL NET. The Individual Multi-Purpose Net can be rigged up as a fishing net, personal camouflage, stretcher, storage bag and more… looks like a good addition to my pack, and for only $12.99 too! Needs a better acronym though, something with ‘nap’ in it..

Posting Pictures…

Well I have now successfully used iPhoto2Weblog to post pictures. Well, to be honest, what I am really posting is giant thumbnails, since it does not want to post the actual picture. Whatever! It works for now…

Hmm. I also notice that it was posting them as being 3 hours into the future. Sigh, more bugs!

Why don’t they hit reply?

I was looking through my sent mail yesterday, wondering if I had really sent an email to someone.. as I had yet to see a response. It turns out I had sent it several weeks ago. So, what happened at their end? Did my email get ignored? Vanish? Filtered out as spam?

Now I am left wondering how I would go about tracking my own emails to see if the person at the other end is even getting them.

Comments? Suggestions?

Howto: Mirroring a site that uses cookies which expire at the end of a session

• Open your browser to the apropriate page and login
• Sniff session while loading random pages from the site in the browser
• Leave broswer open to the site
• Stop sniffing the data, and analyze the dump from the site, find and copy the Cookie string
• With wget you add –header “Cookie: cookiename=data; secondcookiename=data” http://username:password@site to the options.
• make sure that you start mirroring from inside the site, ie: beyond the login page.

In my case the final wget string looked like this:

wget –mirror –convert-links –page-requisites –html-extension –cookies=off –header “Cookie:ABC%2ESession=YcnpPdnqLFCfYA6p%2DITgU84eRUVSrKV30; ASPSESSIONIDCCSTCRTT=GCCLDPDDKDIACCHE” http://username:password@site

Note that most of the cookie data has been deleted to keep this example brief.

Linux Tips — Firefox 0.9 remote newtab syntax

When I open a link from another application (gnome-terminal or evolution, for example), I would like it to open in a new tab in Firefox, so I had a script which I called newmoz:
firefox -remote %u201CopenURL($1,new-tab)%u201D
This is my default web browser. With Firefox 0.9, the syntax has changed. You now need:
firefox -a firefox -remote %u201Copenurl($1,new-tab)%u201D
I believe this has something to do with the confusion of the possibility of several related Mozilla applications running all at once, although I%u2019m not entirely convinced. To make it really snazzy, try:
firefox -a firefox -remote %u201Copenurl($1,new-tab)%u201D || firefox $1
This way, if firefox isn%u2019t already running, it will still work.

Adam Rosi-Kessel’s Fair and Balanced Weblog

Testing Macjournal

A couple of quick things today;
– found a nice post on taoofmac.com on using jhead and Applescript to prep images for the web
– my keyboard is still mad at me and is randomly misspelling things for me
– looks like the patch for WordPress’s xmlrpc.php file, from RedPill works… now to figure out how to get iPhoto to talk to it!
– need to dig out real urls for this post!