MSI P4N SLI motherboard has a build in nVidea nForce 04 NIC. OpenSolaris doesn’t have driver for it, however a driver can be downloaded from Masayuki Murayama’s Free NIC drivers for Solaris page (Drivers there are SPARC/x86 capable, one might need a functional 64 bit compiler to recompile them for their platform).

His driver will work out of the box, as long as the PCI device ID matches the ones in adddrv.sh script. To verify that, one might need to run /usr/X11/bin/scanpci -v and verify that the PCI id matches. In my case, PCI ID was pci10d3,38, which was not in the adddrv.sh script, however is in fact an nForce4 ethernet controller.
After I’ve added the ID in the script, driver worked right away.

root@dara:/[07:49 PM]# cd ; /usr/X11/bin/scanpci -v
pci bus 0x0000 cardnum 0x0e function 0x00: vendor 0x10de device 0x0038
 nVidia Corporation MCP04 Ethernet Controller
 CardVendor 0x3462 card 0x7160 (Card unknown)
  STATUS    0x00a0  COMMAND 0x0007
  CLASS     0x06 0x80 0x00  REVISION 0xa2
  BIST      0x00  HEADER 0x00  LATENCY 0x00  CACHE 0x00
  BASE0     0xfe9fc000  addr 0xfe9fc000  MEM
  BASE1     0x0000c481  addr 0x0000c480  I/O
  MAX_LAT   0x14  MIN_GNT 0x01  INT_PIN 0x01  INT_LINE 0x05
  BYTE_0    0x62  BYTE_1  0x34  BYTE_2  0x60  BYTE_3  0x71

root@dara:/[07:50 PM]# modinfo | grep nfo
 Id Loadaddr   Size Info Rev Module Name
 44 feabbbc4   1e50  15   1  mntfs (mount information file system)
141 febc78d4   4768  88   1  devinfo (DEVINFO Driver 1.73)
219 f946c000   fc40 207   1  nfo (nVIDIA nForce nic driver v1.1.2)
root@dara:/[07:50 PM]# dmesg | grep -v UltraDMA

Sat Nov 25 19:50:28 EST 2006
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org nfo: [ID 306776 kern.info] nfo0: doesn't have pci power management capability
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org nfo: [ID 130221 kern.info] nfo0: nForce mac type 11 (MCP04) (vid: 0x10de, did: 0x0038, revid: 0xa2)
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org nfo: [ID 451511 kern.info] nfo0: MII PHY (0x01410cc2) found at 1
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org nfo: [ID 426109 kern.info] nfo0: PHY control:0, status:7949<100_BASEX_FD,100_BASEX,10_BASE_FD,10_BASE,XSTATUS,MFPRMBLSUPR,CANAUTONEG,EXTENDED>, advert:de1, lpar:0
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org nfo: [ID 119377 kern.info] nfo0: xstatus:3000<1000BASET_FD,1000BASET>
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org nfo: [ID 716252 kern.info] nfo0: resetting PHY
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org gld: [ID 944156 kern.info] nfo0: nVIDIA nForce nic driver v1.1.2: type "ether" mac address 00:13:d3:5f:53:2f
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org npe: [ID 236367 kern.notice] PCI Express-device: pci1462,7160@e, nfo0
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org genunix: [ID 936769 kern.notice] nfo0 is /pci@0,0/pci1462,7160@e
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org unix: [ID 954099 kern.info] NOTICE: IRQ21 is being shared by drivers with different interrupt levels.
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org This may result in reduced system performance.
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org last message repeated 1 time
Nov 25 19:38:58 dara.NotBSD.org last message repeated 1 time
Nov 25 19:38:59 dara.NotBSD.org nfo: [ID 831844 kern.info] nfo0: auto-negotiation started
Nov 25 19:39:04 dara.NotBSD.org nfo: [ID 503627 kern.warning] WARNING: nfo0: auto-negotiation failed: timeout
root@dara:/[07:50 PM]#