Stoopid WordPress

Just a quick rant.

I [censored] hate WordPress’ “I am smarter then stoopid user” attitude, esp attempts to close what it thinks to be HTML tag. #include <foo.h> in between <pre> and </pre> does NOT mean that it needs to change the code to #include <foo .h> (see space?), and add </foo> at the end of the post for me. Aaaaarrggh!

Why the [censored] does software assume that user is stupider then it is? Why isn’t there a way to turn off input sanitization? Case in point with HTML: <p> tag doesn’t need </p> at the end of the paragraph. Never did. And in my world never will. I just want a paragraph break, dammit!!! Same idea with <br> tag. I just want a newline, not <br> to close it off (and WTF is <br> any way?)

Oh, and if I add &lt s in the body, next time around editing, they get replaced by <s, which upon next save end up tripping Word Press’ input sanitization insanity. Why why oh why?

Aaaaarrgggh! /me bangs head on the wall

We obviously overengineered. Maybe it’s time to EMP every computer on earth and start all over again.