An Applescript for playing DVD’s off of your local drive

Joshua, now 2 and a half, loves to watch his Thomas the Tank Engine movies. I want to keep him away from the original media.. so the contents of the DVD is now on my drive.

Being irritated at the number of clicks I had to go through to play it, I found a script that would make things simple.

Thanks to the folks on the forums at who also wanted to do this!.

Anyhow, here’s the script:

set prefix to “ExternalHD:”
set suffix to “:VIDEO_TS:”
set choice to “”
tell application “Finder”
set movies to the name of every item of alias prefix
set choice to (choose from list movies with prompt “Pick a movie to watch”)
set themovie to ((prefix & choice & suffix) as alias)
end tell

tell application “DVD Player”
open dvd video folder themovie
set viewer full screen to true
play dvd
end tell

To use it you will need to edit the “ExternalHD:” to match wherever your movies are.