OpenSolaris: Sun releases Solaris 10 source

Sun released Solaris source code as part of their OpenSolaris initiative today.

Seems like some things are still binary only (Although fewer then last time Sun showed outsiders their source code, back with Solaris 8), and I didn’t notice the X drivers, but with the source for basic OS (which is what Sun made available), gcc, OpenMotif and‘s drivers it’s probably possible to roll your own Solaris, and the only bit that will be missing with be CDE (Ok, OpenLook would be missing too. But is there anyone out there who actually likes OpenLook, especially since it was depreciated starting with Solaris 9?). Oh, and Display PostScript extension for X would be missing.

*sigh* As weird as it sounds, I miss CDE.

P.S. A mirror of the source code is at: plus torrents are available at