Intro to Mac class – coming up!

Thanks to our work at ByMUG, Tom and I were approached in early January by a Digital Literacy Librarian at the Ottawa Public Library, and as a result we are offering Intro to Mac classes again.. The classes will be free, and limited to one hour of instruction and one hour of questions, per session. If all goes well we will rotate through various branches to make this course available to a larger audience.

Interested? Read more and sign up for the sessions on the OPL site at Learn more about Mac computers!

Mac Classes coming up: Introduction to Mac

Tom and I are offering starting another set of classes this month: our “Intro to Mac” class on Tuesday the 22nd, and on the Tuesday after that we are doing part 2, and the last part on October 6th.

This class covers the physical computer itself, a guided tour of the Mac interface, the Desktop, Menus, key System Preferences, the Finder, using CDs, DVDs, & USB keys, and a brief discussion about organizing and finding files. The second night we will be introducing Safari along with some useful plugins, iChat, Skype, discussing online safety, Preview, Address Book, and Time Machine. And on the third night, the Dashboard and its many widgets, managing your email with, organizing your life with iCal, using iTunes to play music and videos, a quick introduction to the iLife and iWork suites of programs, and trouble-shooting.

Interested? To register and reserve a space, you can either call me at 613-262-4705 or email

More details on the dates: September 22, 29 and October 6th (Tuesdays), from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Price: $180, location: the Routhier Community Center.

Details of our other classes can be found on Darner Media page for the classes.